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One of the Education and Resource Center’s primary objectives is to provide families with easy-to-understand, readily accessible information regarding educating their deaf or hard of hearing child. We’ve chosen the following New Hampshire and New England resources, and while we do not endorse any one resource more than any other, we believe these information sources will be helpful and will provide a broad view for parents and families.

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New Hampshire Conference Materials

Navigating Through the Education System: Considerations for Parents and Professionals of Children Who Are Deaf & Hard of Hearing

March 24, 2017

Puritan Conference Center, Manchester, New Hampshire

Sponsored by the New Hampshire Provisional Chapter of Hands & Voices (opens new tab) and Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Inc. (opens new tab)

Transition: Keys to Ensuring Your Deaf & Hard of Hearing Child’s Future (PDF)

NAD Education Advocates (opens new tab)

By Tawny Holmes, Esq, National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

From Triggers to Solutions: Challenges & Treasures of Parenting a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child (PDF)

By Cheryl Johnson, Ed.D., Hands  & Voices, The ADEvantage Consulting

We Are Hands & Voices: Empowering Parents to Influence & Lead (PDF)

Hands & Voices (opens new tab) (National Level)

Navigating Through the Education System continued

Afternoon Parent & Professional Breakout Groups

The notes from the afternoon discussions appear below:

Ages 0-3, Part C to Part B Transition under the IDEA (PDF)

Elementary School Transition group (PDF)

Middle School & High School Transition (PDF)

Participants were asked to choose an age group (0-3, elementary school age, middle & high school age) and to discuss the following questions:

How should we get parents more involved in their Deaf/Hard of Hearing child’s education?

Using a Strengths, Problems, Opportunities, Threats (S.P.O.T.) Analysis, answer the following questions about family involvement:

o  Strengths- What are the benefits to family involvement?

o  Problems- What are barriers to getting families involved?

o  What opportunities exist or can be created to increase family involvement?

o  What threats exist if families are more involved?

What do parents want from professionals?

What do professionals want from parents?

Family engagement- what does it mean to parents as you move through the system?

A summary of participant survey results (opens new tab) from March 24, 2017

A summary of Parents RoundTable (March 18, 2017) Dialogue Post Survey Explanation (opens new tab)