Project Description

(From the Preface) The chapters that follow first appeared in a special issue of the journal Sign Language Studies, volume 59, published in the summer of 1988. For this monograph we have added an additional chapter by Tom Humphries, entitled “An Introduction to the Culture of Deaf People in the U.S.: Content Notes and Reference Material for Teachers.” This article first appeared in Sign Language Studies, 72, 209-240, 1991.

Humphries’ chapter is the perfect addition to those which are reprinted here. As I noted in 1988, one of the strongest objections to the notion that ASL can and should meet foreign language requirements is often made by those who claim that users of ASL have distinct culture. Humphries’ chapter not only adds to the evidence that such a culture does indeed exist, but demonstrates how cultural information about Deaf people can effectively be taught to students of ASL.

Author: Sherman Wilcox

Publisher: Linstok Press

Year: 1992


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