Project Description

This is a comprehensive study of the internationally acclaimed National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD). A showcase for deaf talent, NTD has not only given actors like Linda Bove and Phyllis Frelich a means of practicing their craft (and eventually entering America’s mainstream theater), but has been a vehicle for first-rate theater for deaf and hearing audiences alike. A chapter of great interest deals with the unique communication style of deaf actors: American Sign Language, which is a language in its own right that is not only functional but beautiful. By tracing the history of NTD from its frustrating early years of searching for financial backing through its expansion into a worldwide program of renown, Baldwin presents a well-researched and -documented study. As the first history of this artistic repertory company to date, Pictures is essential for most theater collections. –Diane H. Albosta, Episcopal H.S. Lib., Alexandria, Va.

Author: Stephen Baldwin

Publisher: Gallaudet University Press

Year: 1993


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