Selected Webinars for Families and Educators

The Education and Resource Center staff have selected a few webinars as educational resources for families and educators alike.

Maximizing Language Acquisition: ASL and Spoken English from the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (opens new tab)

This webcast provides an evidence-based rationale for supporting language acquisition in both American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English for young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The half-hour webcast features Laurene E. Simms, Susanne Scott, Bobbie Jo Kite, and Heidi Burns as well as a comprehensive list of resources (opens new tab).

Funding AT for K-12 (opens new tab)

This webinar is an overview of Assistive Technology (AT) funding for K-12 students presented by Chris Gibbons and produced by the Center on Technology and Disability (opens new tab). The webinar addresses old and new definitions of assistive technology, funding sources for K-12 students, and some known barriers to providing AT to students.

Strategies to Prevent Visual Split-Attention with Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing (opens new tab)

This webinar will talk about visual split-attention and how cognitive overload or a high cognitive load adversely affects students. However, teachers can work towards reducing cognitive overload for students. Dr. Susan Mather answers the questions:

  • What is visual split-attention?
  • How does visual split-attention impact student learning?
  • What are the two visual fields?
  • What are some strategies to reduce visual split-attention?

Selected Videos

Selected TED Talk Videos


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